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Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner

Alan designs gardens. He is a gardener. He is also autistic.

Alan is the creator of 40 RHS show gardens, winning numerous awards at Chelsea, Hampton Court and two gold medals at Tatton Park. His unique designs embody inspiration from his other passions – architecture, conceptual art and the wider landscape around him.

In 2016 Alan’s first series, The Autistic Gardener, saw him leading a team of novice trainees, all of whom are on the autistic spectrum, to create some truly sensational garden spaces. The programme combined his skills as a garden designer with his infectiously enthusiastic presenting style and his gift for mentoring, inspiring his gang of trainees.

In 2017 Channel 4 released The Avant Gardener. This series saw Alan use his unique horticultural skills and years of experience to create bespoke, breath-taking gardens transforming large outdoor spaces across the country.

Alan feels for the those of us unlucky enough to reside on the “neurotypical” end of the spectrum, but is confident that if we work hard and put our minds to it, there is hope for us too.

Alan is ambassador of the National Autistic Society.

Television & Radio credits

Celebrity Mastermind BBC One
A Passion for Plants BBC Two
The Avant Gardener Channel 4
The Autistic Gardener Channel 4