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Kyla Harris

Kyla Harris is a filmmaker, writer and activist who applies an intersectional approach to all of her work.

She is a member of the Disability Screen Advisory Group for the British Film Institute (BFI) that advises and supports inclusivity in the industry, including the most recent British Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) Review.

Kyla has been a panellist for a number of organisations including the BFI, Birds Eye View and Hot Docs Festival, often advocating for people who share her own identities as a queer, disabled women of colour. Along with Filmmakers With Disabilities (FWD-Doc) she co-wrote A Toolkit for Inclusion & Accessibility: Changing the Narrative of Disability in Documentary Film in association with Doc Society and Netflix as well as The FWD-Doc Engagement Pack in association with Doc Society and the BFI. Her short film It’s Personal, that she co-directed and wrote, was commissioned by the Film Video Umbrella and is their most viewed film to date.

Kyla has co-created and co-written a Channel 4 comedy pilot which she will also star in.