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ART news update – December 2015

There have been numerous highlights for ART clients over the past few months including Adam Pearson filming a new BBC Three documentary, Freak Show (w/t) produced by betty (click here for further details). Adam’s BBC Three documentary, The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime, also produced by betty, was listed in The Observer critic’s Best TV of 2015 – “Adam Pearson’s backbone and personality bestrode our screens in a terrific, warm, funny exploration of a vicious prejudice.”

Tickets are on sale for Juliette Burton’s award-winning show, Look At Me, at the Adelaide Fringe in March. Tickets are also on sale for work-in progress shows from Juliette, Laura Lexx and Penella Mellor at the Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival in February. Doug Segal will be performing his critically-acclaimed show, How To Read Minds & Influence People in Leicester before heading to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival to preview his new show.

As well as appearing on Good Morning Britain (ITV) to talk about trauma in relation to the Paris attacks, Richard Reid’s Charisma Masterclass was featured in The Independent and Financial Times.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!