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Shani Dhanda

Shani Dhanda

Shani Dhanda is a social entrepreneur, award-winning disability specialist and LinkedIn UK Changemaker. In 2020, Shani was named on the BBC 100 Women List and in the Top 10 of The Shaw Trust Power 100 List of the UK’s most influential disabled people. She has also been named in CEO Magazine’s most influential women in leadership 2021 list alongside Kamala Harris and Jacinda Arden.

Shani featured in LinkedIn’s biggest UK advertising campaign including their first television advert. She has also featured on BBC Two’s Nadiya’s Time to Eat with The Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain which is available to watch on Netflix, Morning Live (BBC One), Sunday Morning Live (BBC One), The Truth About Looking Good (BBC One), Good Morning Britain (ITV), Jeremy Vine on 5 (Channel 5) and Divided Britain: The Lockdown Debate (Channel 4).

As an accomplished keynote speaker on diversity and inclusion, Shani has spoken at global conferences for Google, Bloomberg, Virgin Media and Viacom alongside Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton. Also named on The Shaw Trust Power 100 list in 2018 & 2019. Shani is the founder of three initiatives: Diversability, the UK’s first inclusive platform providing discounts for disabled people; the Asian Woman Festival, the UK’s first of its kind event to empower and celebrate Asian women; and the Asian Disability Network, an educational platform and support network for people who experience multiple types of stigma due to their ethnic and cultural identities. Shani is also a trustee of Leonard Cheshire Disability, and an executive committee member of the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce.

As a commentator on disability and inclusion matters, Shani has been a contributor on Channel 4 News, ITV News, Sky News, the BBC Asian Network and various BBC regional radio stations. She has also been featured in British Vogue, Stylist and the Financial Times, regularly writes for LinkedIn and has previously written for The Huffington Post.

Television & Radio credits

Morning Live BBC One
Sunday Morning Live BBC One
The Truth About Looking Good BBC One
2019 General Election Debate BBC One
Nadiya's Time To Eat BBC Two
Good Morning Britain ITV
ITV Evening News ITV
Jeremy Vine on 5 Channel 5
Divided Britain: The Lockdown Debate Channel 4
Channel 4 News Channel 4
Sky World News Sky News
Sky News: Sunrise Sky News
We are the Freaks 104 Films